The SD Enthusiasts' Club Newsletter

   Volume 2 Issue 31                      Autumn 2018

 In Publication since 2003.

From the Editor.

In this issue we have reports of vehicles which surprisingly have survived including the recent restoration of Peter Johnson’s GJD 121 N, we look back to World War II and the part SD played in producing items for the war effort. Again we look back 15 years to the Autumn 2003 issue of the magazine with two articles which both reach back to World War II and involve two SD families. We also carry the usual news items. I especially wish to thank Tommy Moore for the photos he posted on Facebook, Chris Shelly Houghton and Terry Prince for keeping us informed about their fire appliances and Bill Stimpson and Roger Morrisroe for sending me news items. Without your help I would be unable to continue to produce this Newsletter and you help is greatly appreciated by me and by those who enjoy reading these Newsletters.

Brian Carpenter 1st  September 2018.

   SD Enthusiasts'Club FACEBOOK Group.
Once again a lot of the content of this Newsletter has come via Facebook. I know that Facebook is rather like Marmite which people are said to either love or hate. Although you can follow Facebook without registering you can only post on the Enthusiasts’ Club Group if you become a member. I would welcome more of my regular readers to the Facebook Group. I hope to hear from you.

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Page1 Preserved Vehicles on Show. Page2 GJD 121 N in various guises. Page 3 SD's War Production.

Page 4 Female Welders in the War. Page 5 Dad's best kept secret. Page 6 Of Special Interest to Former Employees.

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Will correspondents please note that the editor reserves the right to shorten letters or e-mails submitted for publication, and to edit them to provide greater clarity. All reasonable steps will be taken to try to ensure that the meaning in the letter, or e-mail, remains unaltered. The editor can not accept responsibility for the accuracy of correspondent's memories, nor his own memories. Often we are looking back over many years, and our memories of an event may well vary.  

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