Page 2.   SD Enthusiasts' Club Newsletter - Summer  2017.


In the Spring Newsletter I used a photo taken in Oldham Market in 1976 to muse about how refuse collection has changed since as a result of EU Health & Safety regulations causing working practices to change.

The above photo, which was posted on Facebook by Phil Tallant was taken in Dublin in either 1969 or 1972 and shows a procession of the city’s cleansing dept. vehicles being used to advertise a ‘Keep Dublin Tidy’ campaign.   An SD ‘T’ type Pakamatic leads the procession.

There is a sense that Dublin took pride in its fleet of vehicles. Most local authorities regarded their cleansing fleet as an example to ratepayers of how they cared about the money invested. I know that Manchester used to have an annual parade at which the Mayor would inspect the impressive range of refuse collection vehicles in use in the city. And photos exist of civic dignitaries inspecting their newly acquired SD vehicles. In Whitstable, Kent, the council always provided a refuse wagon to take part in the annual carnival parade and act as a giant collecting box.

Competitive tendering put an end to all that. Where local authorities maintained their own fleets costs were tight and there was no longer room for displays of civic pride.

With almost military bearing a road sweeper leads the parade. And how about the ‘W’ type below?


My guess is that this is a former refuse vehicle converted to a flat bed lorry on retirement. It certainly looks very smart. These photos may also be found on the Dublin City Photo Archive


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