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S&D in Numbers.
When in the Spring issue of the Newsletter I reported on three orders S&D received in 1965 it prompted me to seek out further financial information about the Company.

The Freighter.
The first information I have is from a brochure from 1926. The standard SD freighter without a body or driver’s canopy sold for 445.00 ( 24,875.00 in today’s terms) with a canopy 15.00 extra (i.e. 837.00 today.)
The basic SD Freighter.
Photo:- courtesy Malcolm Easton.

From Commercial Motor Magazine archives I’ve found that in 1928 orders from Pontypool, Harwich, Croydon, Ilford and Guilford were priced at around 610 ( 35,136.00 today).

On to October 1960.

On 28th October 1960 Commercial Motor Magazine reported on orders obtained by S&D from Rowley Regis, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Southall costing between 2,500.00 and 3,400.00 each (Today 53,500.00 to 72,760.00) unfortunately no information is given about the type of vehicle. In contrast a Karrier Gamecock for Ipswich was priced at  2,292.00 (49,048.00 today)

A TY Pakamatic for Tadcaster c 1960
Photo supplied by Chris Yeadon.

The First Dempster Dumpmaster FEL.

On 3rd April 1982 Commercial Motor announced the first Shelvoke Dempster Dumpmaster for Drinkwater Sabey mounted on an 8x4 Volvo F7 chassis of 30 tons gvw. Shelvokes were quoting a delivery of three months and a price of around 50,000.00 (176,500 in today’s terms).
Possibly the first Dempster Dumpmaster FEL.


In 1941 S&D reported a profit for the previous year of 42,278.00 (2,173,089.00 today) compared to the previous year’s profit of 6,963.00 (417,780.00 today)
In 1969 the pre-tax profit was announced as 481,200.00 (7,651,080.00 today). This compared to 663,145.00 (11,074,521.00) for the previous year.
But in his 1969 Annual Report Morris Davenport points out that Butterfield group company Shelvoke and Drewry Ltd. recently received a contract from Glasgow Corporation for a fleet of 56 vehicles "which is not only the fifth repeat order from this municipality but is also understood to be the largest single order ever placed for refuse collecting vehicles.”

This  J Reg TY Revopak for Malling R.D.C. dates from 1970/71


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