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Part 3.Running Costs and Maintenance.


In continuing the series based on a photo copy of a brochure believed to be from around 1926, again there are additions to the text shown in italics. The photo is also an addition at this point although it appears later in the brochure.

A lovely example of a Freighter for Milk Delivery. 12 ft. x 5 ft. 9 ins. x 6 ft. 6 ins. Load  2 Tons.

Price: 575

                The preceding paragraphs explain the economy of the Freighter in actual service, but when costs are considered standing charges must be taken into account. These are also lower with the Freighter than in the case of the conventional petrol-driven vehicle.


Low Taxation and Insurance.


                Taxation, whether on the basis of weight or horse-power, is lower than for other petrol-driven vehicles of similar capacity. Insurance premiums are less, because the Freighter is regarded as a comparatively slow-moving vehicle. Less garage accommodation is required, because of the smaller overall length for a given body.


High Quality.


                The Freighter is constructed on sound engineering principles. it is British-made throughout, and only the finest materials and workmanship are used in its manufacture. Maintenance costs are therefore low. Its adoption by the War Office, the General Post Office, The Royal Air Force, and the Crown Agents for the Colonies, is evidence of its sound design, and also the fact that it is in service with such well-known engineers as Babcock & Wilcox, Ltd., Johnson & Phillips, Ltd, and Joseph Lucas, Ltd. There are several hundred Freighters used by Municipal authorities and public bodies in Great Britain and abroad.


Two Year Guarantee.


                Every Freighter is guaranteed for two years from the date of delivery, and we send service inspectors who call upon our users periodically. These inspectors examine and advise upon Freighters without charge and can often prevent the incidence of troubles which would have otherwise resulted in expense.


Low Depreciation.


                Because of these safeguards, a lower figure than usual may be allowed for depreciation, so that all operating costs are less than for a conventional vehicle.

                The Freighter thus combines economy with convenience, and is, therefore, then ideal vehicle for city transport.

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