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Part 7. Cable Drum Equipment.

This part of the series based on a photo copy of a brochure, believed to be from around 1926, features the chassis adapted as a cable drum carrier and as previously there are additions to the text which are shown in italics. The photos is also an addition although a similar photo appears later in the brochure.

Standard cable drum lorry. Complete with winches and drum chocks. 12 ft. X 6 ft. X 2ft. Load 3 tons

Price :  690 4s. 0d. Photo similar to brochure.

The low loading level is of peculiar advantage when carrying a heavy cable drum of large diameter, and, with a view to increasing still further the stability of the load, we use our standard wide rear axle, which has a track of 5ft. 2ins. 

            For this model a four-ton frame load chassis is used, and the body is especially designed for this service. The rear end of the chassis frame slopes downwards, and permits the body being built so that the tailboard forms a direct extension of it, making a convenient ramp. This tailboard can be lifted by one man.

            Two winches are fitted at the front end of the body, and these are fitted with friction clutches which prevent the drum from taking charge when it is on the ramp. These winches, which are of our own manufacture, are quite easy to operate, only about 20 lbs. pressure being required at each handle to wind in a three ton drum.

            Drum chocks are supplied. These are of special design which allow of fixing the cable drum in position very quickly. In actual practice, five minutes is found sufficient time between the arrival of a Freighter and its departure with drum loaded. 

            Jacks are also supplied. These are placed under the rear end of the frame when loading to prevent the weight of the drum falling directly on the rear end of the springs.

            The winches take up very little room in the body, so that the vehicle, which has a large body space, can also be used for carrying transformers or other electrical plant.

            Many of this type of Freighter are in service with the General Post Office, and also numerous electrical companies and municipalities.

Wide Rear Axle. The standard wide rear axle already mentioned is also fitted whenever a high load renders its use advisable to give greater stability. It is also available for special bodies, or special conditions of loading.

The next part (No 8) is the final article in this series.

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