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In addition to the two fascinating booklets described on the previous page the package included 45 photographs on range of SD topics. Twenty-five of these are of a 5 x 3 inch format and feature SD Freighters of which six are on solid tyres with the remainder on pneumatics. I imagine that Ernie will have carried these with him when demonstrating the restored “1922” Folkestone Freighter.

A selection of the photos show this restoration in progress as the Company sought to create a reminder of the origins of S&D as a manufacturer. The only colour photos feature the Folkestone Freighter. Just three of the photos show the Freightlifter fork lift truck which I recalled was a part of Ernie’s working life in our previous Newsletter.

A small number of photos are from sources other than Clutterbuck’s usual factory photos. The one shown at the top of the page has a back stamp from Manchester but otherwise I am unable to give any details about the incident or the date. Clearly the front apron of the Freighter gave little protection to the driver in such a collision.

From the driver’s point of view the mishap to St. Helen’s gas department Freighter was less serious. It demonstrates, I believe, the dangers of driving on landfill sites as the ground appears to have given way under this Freighter. A second photo gives more detail of the damage caused.

An aspect of the smaller freighter photos was the extent to which the designs shown reflected a desire by the various local authorities to demonstrate the careful use of ratepayers’ funds. An example shown below is in making the Chelsea  type shutters removable to provide a dual use vehicle.

The example below for Hamilton shows a dual pupose Chelsea type /gully emptier.

There are several examples of these types of design as well as a number of solutions for bulk handling of refuse from blocks of flats. A fascinating variety.

I am very grateful to Michael Harmes for allowing me to share the contents of this collection with you.


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