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September 11th A good day for your Editor.

From time to time people write to thank me for the effort I put into the SD Enthusiasts’ Club. My reaction is usually “It’s a pleasure!” Sometimes it is very rewarding and on 11th September a lot of things happened to make the job well worth doing. First I was able to give a former SD employee contact details for a colleague with whom he’d lost touch, then I found a photo for a member of the Facebook Group of his uncle who worked in Sales at S&D, also the context for a photo I’d posted on Facebook was given to me and finally I was able to help someone who was putting together a magazine article about Peter Johnston’s newly created TN tar tanker. And to cap it all a few days later Phillip Clifford advised me of the website How Many Left? These stories follow below.

For many years now this has been a rewarding hobby for me, but I am conscious that one of these days I’ll have to give this up. I was about 66 when I started the website. Is there anyone, perhaps newly retired, who would enjoy carrying the SD Enthusiasts’ Club forward? I would give you all the help I could to carry it forward.

Jack Davis.

Rod Davis wrote on Facebook on 1st September :-  “Does anyone remember my Uncle Jack Davis who was, I believe, Sales Director in the 1950's !960’s or thereabouts. He was a Captain in the REME during the Desert Campaign in WW2 He died at the young age of only 49 after two massive heart attacks.” He attached this photo of his uncle.


I knew that Rod was somewhat mistaken in saying Jack Davis was the Sales Director but for reasons I didn’t fully understand I thought the face was recognisable and so posted this:-

Was Jack on the right of this photo? The answer came back:- Yes. The photo is from the Mechanical Handling Exhibition at Olympia in 1952. Does anyone remember Jack?

Sheffield Lord Mayor’s Parade 1982.

Michael Harmes kindly sent me further photos from his late father’s collection. Ernie Harmes is well remembered as a demonstrator driver. Four of the photos show the Folkestone preserved Freighter on display in a town centre with the date 4th May 1982 on the back. When I posted these on Facebook Ian Morrow wrote back:- “It was the Sheffield Lord Mayor’s parade. I went on the parade with Ernie whilst an apprentice. Ivor Shipp drove the tiller up there on the low loader. I believe I have some photos of this too. I have very happy memories of trips out with Ernie to numerous events.”


A Google search revealed that the Lord Mayor elected in 1982 was Gordon Wragg, OBE, JP  who  died 2003.

A further search for images confirmed that he is the mayor with Ernie Harmes shown in the photo above.

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