Shelvoke & Drewry Refuse Collection Vehicle types.

This page aims to offer guidance in recognising a Shelvoke & Drewry refuse collection vehicle and arriving at an approximate manufacturing date.

There are just five main types to consider:-

1.    The Freighter and the Mark II version. In production 1922 – 1952
2.    The New type 1937 - 1939
3.    The ‘W’ type. In production 1946-1961
4.    The ‘T’ type in production 1959  – 1972
5.    The ‘N’ type in production  1972 - 1978
6.    The ‘P’ type in production from 1978 until SD closed in 1991.

There will have been some overlap between the start of production of a newly  introduced type and the end of the previous type.



The Freighter and the Mark II version. 1922 – 1952  The New type 1937 - 1939The ‘W’ type. 1946 - 1961

The ‘T’ type 1959  – 1972The ‘N’ type 1972 - 1978 The ‘P’ type 1978 - 1991.

   These pages were compiled with the assistance of the SD Enthusiasts’ Club Facebook Group and any corrections and additions are always welcome.
A number of times in the text reference is made to Kaleidoscope. This refers to Kaleidoscope of Shelvoke & Drewry by Nick Baldwin and William Negus published in 1980. Further details are on the Literature page.

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