Page 5.   SD Enthusiasts' Club Newsletter - Winter 2020.

News of SD Vehicles.

FOR SALE 812 UUR Ex- Lee Valley Water Co. Water Carrier.

A 1964 ‘T’ Type.

Having restored this vehicle and converted it to a Chelsea type side loading refuse collection vehicle, Michael Cooper from Maybole , Ayrshire, Scotland is now offering it for sale. If anyone is interested your Editor can pass on contact details.

Two Surviving Freightlifters.

Aled Rees from Bristol posted this photo of a Model 82 Freightlifter on Facebook saying:- “My landlord here has two!” 827 OAE appears on DVLA records. It was built 1962 - so it is one of the last Model 82 Freightlifters and was last taxed until the end of June 1999. Colour - Blue! Aled informed me that he was told that this one was new to BAE or one of the other companies at Filton airfield so blue would be right colour for that. Another long lasting SD product.

Aled also posted a list of his collection of SD vehicles which reads:- “3 P types, 1 N type, 3 T types and a Freighter. Other dustcarts are about 20." Hopefully one day there will be a Refuse Collection Vehicle Museum in the West Country.


This skip lorry appears to be based on an SD PT chassis. The Registration Number denotes Birmingham 1981/82. It is noticeable that the cab has a low roof as used on fire appliances and not the high roof used on refuse collection vehicles. Roy Rudge posted this photo on Facebook. OOC 674 X is shown on the DVLA Database as a 1982 Leyland last taxed in1989.

The Largest Pakamatics Ever?

Campbell Spence posted this picture of two Leyland Major chassis with Pakamatic bodies. Steve Woodard recognised them as exports to South Africa and pointed out the grab handle/arm rest behind the cab. An open air bench was provided behind the cab for additional loaders. Classic Refuse Trucks ( ) has this rear view of the vehicles.

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