Page 5.   SD Enthusiasts' Club Newsletter - Winter 2019.


I often think that we now know of all the surviving SD vehicles and then news comes along of three more. Paul Underhill wrote to say that he is the owner of the unusual fire appliance pictured below.

Q 66 VOE is a 1977 SD SPV WX which was in service with the West Midlands Fire Service. It was one of five re-built by Carmichael in 1988 in its current form. Paul also says that Q 68 VOE has survived into preservation.

Photo by Ken Reid.

Ryan McFarlane sent in a photo of his Defiant fork lift at work in his boat yard in North Wales. I’m unsure of which model this is.

The news from Northern Ireland is that restoration of the 1972 T type Gully Emptier Reg. No. KLK 464 K is proceeding with the front fibreglass radiator now looking as good as new. One of the items giving difficulty is that two of the release valves have been subject to vandalism. From my days at S&D I know that these were manufactured ‘in house’ so replacing them is going to be difficult. Any suggestions will be very welcome.

The surviving valve. Photo:- Tommy Moore.

KLK 464 K 1972 'T' type Gully Emptier. Photo Tommy Moore.

At the end of October Richard Wilson sent in this photo of his Model 82  Freightlifter.

He said:- "My old girl lifting a 3.5 ton 30ft container. She runs well now, slight brake bind but the hydraulics are fixed. Not bad for a 60 year old. First fabrication job is new engine covers for the winter." A good example of the long working life of SD products.

Michael Cooper has also sent in photos of the restoration of his 'T' type Water Carrier in Ayrshire Scotland.  It's great that so many SD vehicles are being carefully looked after.

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