The SD Enthusiasts' Club Newsletter

   Volume 2 Issue 41                     Spring 2021

 In Publication since 2003.

From the Editor.

I think we've made a good start to 2021 with this the first Newsletter of a new year. We have memories from three former SD employees. Barrie Woods has a second part of his reminiscences of life as a demostrator driver, Mick Waldock remembers the SD's that Marshalls of Cambridge refurbished for St. Lucia and Roger Morrisroe ponders on the strange ways of the Ministry of Defence. We have a fine set of four photos sent in by readers. Sadly we have to report that three former employees have died since our last Newsletter. I hope you all find some things of interest here.

Brian Carpenter 1st  March  2021.

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Page1 The Strange Ways of the MOD. Page2 SD Freighters for Commercial Use
Page 3. Barrie Woods' Memories Part 2.

Page 4 Of Special Interest to former SD Employees
Page 5. St. Lucia Order.
Page 6 The Editor's Page.

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Will correspondents please note that the editor reserves the right to shorten letters or e-mails submitted for publication, and to edit them to provide greater clarity. All reasonable steps will be taken to try to ensure that the meaning in the letter, or e-mail, remains unaltered. The editor can not accept responsibility for the accuracy of correspondent's memories, nor his own memories. Often we are looking back over many years, and our memories of an event may well vary.  

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