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   Volume 2 Issue 51                     Autumn 2023

 In Publication since 2003.

From the Editor.

I was delighted to see the slide rule described on page 2. I only knew that SD produced these from the Kaleidoscope book and it was so good to be able to get a better idea of the innovation. On page 1 I describe four photos I’ve received about the remarkable Freighter, which was the reason for the formation of Shelvoke & Drewry Ltd. I was pleased to be able to pay tribute to Mrs. Freda Tassell who died recently. She had a truly remarkable career at S&D. There are many other news articles here and again I’m grateful to all those people who send in the information that I’m able to use. I hope you enjoy the Newsletter.

Brian Carpenter 1st  September 2023.

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 Page 1  Some interesting SD Freighters.

Page 2 The Last Days of the
Horse Drawn Dustcart.

 Page 3 Mrs. Freda Tassell

Page 4 The Model Scene.
Page 5. News of Surviving SD Vehicles.

Page 6 The Editor's Page.

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