The SD Enthusiasts' Club Newsletter

   Volume 2 Issue 29                      Spring 2018

 In Publication since 2003.

From the Editor.

In your Spring issue of the Newsletter, I reflect on the impact that starting a Facebook Group two years ago has had on the news I'm able to report here. A great bunch of people contribute on Facebook and I'm very grateful for all that I'm learning from them. I also look back fifteen years to when I first started a quarterly magazine, years in which I've thoroughly enjoyed trying to preserve memories of Shelvoke & Drewry and to maintain a forum for anyone who has an interest in the Company, and to keep former employees in touch with one another. I think you'll all find something of interest here.

Brian Carpenter 1st  March 2018.

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A large number of people have contributed to the production of this Newsletter. Aled Rees keeps us regularly up to date with his growing collection of refuse collection vehicles via Facebook and news appears on Page1, Paul Southwell who told us about some PT's ordered by MetroWaste (Page 2.). Lloyd Whellams gave an account of SD SPV's in service with Essex Fire & Rescue Service, and Ken Reid provided a photo see Page4. Trevor Upchurch shared memories of working in SD's Service Department and Roland Taylor added a comment (Page 6.), Samantha Hubbard provided a photo of her Grandfather, Jack Hubbard, and Kim Syder sent in as photo used  on Page 6. Rose Earle was the source of news on Page 2, and Ross Pusey posted the photo of a water carrier on Page1. From the archives Page 5 contains letters from:- Kim Syder, Geoff Harris, Steve Jones and Mike Mullarkey. To you all a big 'Thankyou' - without you this publication would not be possible.

Brian. Editor

The SD Enthusiasts' Club Newsletter is published four times per year - 1st March, 1st June, 1st September and 1st December.


Will correspondents please note that the editor reserves the right to shorten letters or e-mails submitted for publication, and to edit them to provide greater clarity. All reasonable steps will be taken to try to ensure that the meaning in the letter, or e-mail, remains unaltered. The editor can not accept responsibility for the accuracy of correspondent's memories, nor his own memories. Often we are looking back over many years, and our memories of an event may well vary.  

The next Newsletter will be on the Website by 1st  June 2018.



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