The SD Enthusiasts' Club Newsletter
  Volume 2 Issue 30                      Summer 2018

 Now in our Fifthteenth year of publication.

From the Editor.

In this issue I pay tribute to Bill Thornycroft who has died. Bill was instrumental in the creation of the replica Tramocar at the Amberley Museum and as such did a great service to this fascinating part of the history of the SD Freighter.  I've also been looking at some of the statistics behind SD's growth and have the usual news features.

Brian Carpenter 1st June 2018.


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Page 1. Tony Amer Remembers.

Page 2. Facts & Figures behind SD's History.

Page 3. Bill Thornycroft - A Tribute.



Page 4. Bill Thorny Croft's Memories.

Page 5. News of Existing Vehicles.

Page 6. The Editor's Post Bag.


Production of this Newsletter is only possible through the kind way that people continue to contact me with news, photos etc., either by email, via facebook or by telephone. I am grateful for all the help I receive. In particular for this issue I wish to thank, Terry Price, Thomas Moore, Bob Bowker, Tony Amer, Pam & Terry Street and Peter Johnston. Also Bill Stiles and Michael Plunkett, friends of Bill Thornycroft, for details of Bill’s life.

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