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(a) Commercially produced Diecast Models. 

 Lesney "Matchbox" King Size Refuse Truck

No. K7. Made in England. 11.5 cms. long. 5 cms high.

TY Pakamatic

 Corgi Revopak Refuse Collector in two different liveries. Made in Great Britain. 15 cms. long. 6.5 cms. high.

N Series Revopak

(This model was still available in the Biffa Company's livery in 2002.)

 Husky S & D.  Pat. pending. 7 cms long 3 cms high.

(Ref. No. 25) T series Pakamatic

 From the front :-

Matchbox Superfast Refuse Truck 1979 No. 36 Made in Macau 8cms. long. 4 cms. high.

Corgi Refuse Truck. Made in Great Britain. 7 cms. long. 3 cms. high.

Husky model as above.

 1/76th scale (OO) model of S&D's 'W' type Fore & Aft tipper by Oxford Diecast. Released at the end of August 2010.

Available as West Lothian, Manchester, Coventry, West Bromwich or London.


Oxford Diecast Ref: 76SD001

 1/76th scale (OO) model of S&D's Freightlifter Model 100 Dualdrive in livery
of British Railways Western Region, Midland Region, British Railways yellow
 and British Road Services. Forks can be raised and mast tilts.

Released July 2016.

Oxford Diecast Ref:-  76SDF001
Ruby Toys produced this model of a 'W' type replicating traditional
Dinky models.

For details go to:-





Dinky Toys Bedford Meccano Ltd. Made in England.

10.5 cms. long. 4.5 cms high. (1950's ?)

(Ref No. 25)

 Dinky Toys. Meccano Ltd. England.

Based on rare example of Bedford TK with Shelvoke & Drewry F. & A. Tipper as used on SD's 'T' type.

15 cms. long. 6 cms high.

(Ref. No. 978)

 For more details of Diecast models visit

(b) Commercially produced Model Kits.


S & D Models of Burnham-on-Sea produce a kit to make a 1/43 rd scale model of an SD Freighter, either as a flat bed lorry or a dustcart.



Fire Brigade Models produced models of a Shelvoke SPV Pump Escape and a Pump Ladder either in kit form or as complete models.

Scale 1/48th


(c) Paul Williamson's Model of a 'W' type F & A Tipper. 

I received this photograph of a model 'W' type Fore & Aft tipper with a bulk refuse hopper. Paul Williamson, who made, it writes: I made it some years ago, Birmingham Corporation were phasing out their old green livery and as a "Brummie" it was my way of preserving a little piece of history.

The model is scratchbuilt to OO (1/76) scale using plasticard except for the white metal wheels which are from a kit.

A truly magnificent model.


 (d) By the Web Site author.


This is the first model I attempted. 
Based on the General Layout inside 
the cover of Kaleidoscope of Shelvoke
& Drewry
green4.gif Literature.

How things used to be? This was 
based on photographs in 

1925 Freighter. Approx. scale 1:18 

 Horse drawn Dustcart 1920. Approx. scale 1:36

1950's 'W' Type Fore & Aft Tipper. Approx. scale 1:14

1948 'W' Type supplied to Steward & Patteson, Brewers, of Norwich. This truck survived until the late 1970's. Approx. scale 1:14

The Dualdrive could be driven like
 a normal truck between sites at
22 m.p.h. and then controlled from
a separate cabin.

It was developed after the magistrates,
at Slough, convicted British Railways for
using a vehicle on the road in which the
driver's vision was obscured by a 'jungle
of steel'. This example could lift 18,000 lbs
and carries special container lifting

Model 82 (i.e. 7ft. 10 ins. Wheelbase) Freightlifter Forklift Truck. Approx. scale 1:24

This model represents a 1957 Dualdrive version of the model 100 Freightlifter.. Approx. scale 1:24




I was occasionally asked to speak to groups of people:- Pensioners' Groups etc., and the history of Refuse Collection seemed to be a sensible choice.

When I had more time in retirement I thought it worth trying to make a model of an early Freighter for a forthcoming talk. Using mostly plastic card and sections I was moderately pleased with the result. A horse driven refuse cart was the next project.

Then utilising parts from a commercial plastic kit the Fork Lift truck was made, and with surplus parts the F. & A. Tipper was made. Wanting a vehicle with a single cab the next project was the Brewer's truck. Finally the Dual-Drive version of the Freightlifter Forklift Truck was produced.



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