The Unofficial Shelvoke & Drewry Website.


When I launched the Unofficial Shelvoke & Drewry Website in the Spring of 2002 it was a very happy coincidence that in January 2003 Channel 4 TV's Salvage Squad
programme featured the ex-Isles of Scilly PN Revopak. By their linking to the Website names of former employees were soon being forwarded to me, and it seemed
appropriate to launch a Club for anyone with an interest in Shelvoke & Drewry.


It soon became apparent that a means of communication was needed other than the Internet as many former employees weren't on
 the Internet. In March 2003 an A5 size quarterly magazine was launched and continued until the end of 2010 with 32 issues
being produced. At its peak 160 copies were printed and posted per issue. Until the later years printing, stapling, and posting
 was all done at home.

By 2010 this was felt to be too onerous and the magazine was replaced by an easily printable Newsletter on the webpage, and
this practice continues with 21 issues having been produced to date. [May 2016]. Unfortunately this change inevitably meant that
contact with some enthusiasts has been lost.


On September 12th 2004 the first event organised by the SD Enthusiasts' Club was held at Letchworth
 Hall Hotel's Arlington Suite, under the title 'SD Remembered'. This accommodates 200 people and all
the tickets were sold with unfortunately a waiting list. A buffet supper was provided, memorabilia was
displayed and seven preserved vehicles were on display.
In 2005 the Club were invited to attend the Bedford Steam & Country Fayre at Old Warden (near Bigglewade)  on 17th & 18th September. A display tent was provided and eight preserved vehicles were displayed and driven into the parade ring each day. The event was titled: 'SD Celebrated'.

The 2006 event was more low key and was held at the Grange Community Centre, Letchworth Garden City, on 24th June. Just sixty people attended this event which consisted of
a buffet meal and display of memorabilia.

In 2008 the Club provided a stand at The Letchworth Garden City Industry Festival on 1st and 2nd August. Relatives of James Drewry also provided a display. The "1922" Freighter
 was on display.

In 2009 &  2010 preserved vehicles were displayed at the Southern Counties Historic Vehicles Preservation Trust's rallies at Edenbridge, Kent, in June.

In November 2011 in conjunction with  the Enthusiasts' Club, former SD apprentice, Bob Bowker,
organised a reunion lunch for former apprentices at the Letchworth Garden City Golf House. Former
Managing Director, and an ex-SD apprentice, Stan Quin, addressed the gathering of over thirty
former apprentices.

No further gatherings have been arranged to date.


In January 2016 a Facebook Group was created as a further means of communication between SD enthusiasts. This has proved to be a successful way of keeping in touch. The Group numbers over 140 members.

Over the years many people have been generous in sharing their memories of Shelvoke & Drewry and I believe that the Enthusiasts' Club has fulfilled its purpose of keeping memories of the Company alive.

To me it has provided many hours of interesting work which is continuing.

Brian Carpenter. January 2017.