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Of Special Interest to Former SD Employees.

David Potter

We were saddened to learn that David Potter died in August. David worked for S&D for two periods in the early 60s and again in the late 80s until he was made redundant in July 1990. At that time they were very busy in the stores due to having large contracts for Iran involving sending kits of parts for the Iranians to assemble them onto Leyland chassis. The first kits David believed were Pakamatics and Gully/Cesspool Emptiers. The last kits that went out there he thought were Interpaks.

During his second stint working for S&D the company was taken over by Dempster and renamed Shelvoke Dempster. The No. 3 factory was closed down and sold, and the stores moved over  the road when spares and production stores were combined. David worked there as a charge hand store-man. He finished off his time progress chasing.

David’s father, John Potter, also worked for SD in the Tool Room from 1966 to 1981.

David accumulated a large collection of SD memorabilia, and was a keen supporter of the Enthusiasts’’ Club. In recent years he used his well equipped workshop to manufacture wooden models of SD vehicles, one of which is shown below.

Shaun Flies the Flag for Shelvokes.

Shaun Taylor has produced an excellent model of a PNL Plus Revopak which he has displayed on his OO gauge (1:76 scale) model railway layout on several occasions this year including in his home town of Howden, East Yorkshire. The model is based on a modified Oxford Diecast Dennis RS Fire appliance, by removing the body, shortening the cab and making detailed alterations to the cab front. The body is made from the Oxford Diecast livestock trailer which has rounded corners with ribs down the side and the hopper is made from plasticard.  The model is shown complete with a miniature operator. Shaun works as a refuse collection vehicle driver in his home area. It has had its last showing for 2023 as the Show season comes to an end.

A Freightlifter at Work.

It isn’t often that we get colour photos of SD vehicles in action. But Darren Brennan posted this in our Facebook Group of a Model 82 at work for Guinness, and I thought the photo was well worth sharing with you.


Membership of the Group now stands at 976 members. I am trying to find ways to make the Group more of a community of people with a shared interest.






Brian Editor


I give my customary thanks to all of you who have provided the information given in this Newsletter. But I wish to record my gratitude to our son, David (Pictured above left) who has encouraged me bin developing the SD Enthusiasts’ Club over the past twenty years, and provided, free of charge, an Internet presence for the Website. Truly my right hand man. Also to his late younger brother (by just one year)/, Mchael, who discovered a modestly priced source of printing when I used to supply copies of the magazine by post.


So it’s goodbye to the Newsletter, but already eight Newsletter Extras are in various stages of development. And items to hand waiting for the next News Bulletins.

I’ll be on here in the New Year, just in a different form. Brian.

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