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During the current ‘Lockdown’ activity on Facebook has seen a significant increase. Our membership has now risen to 369. I know that Facebook isn't to everybody's taste, but I've managed to keep our Group pretty civilised and a good number of people are regularly posting in the Group. If you haven’t yet joined our Group I think if you tried it you’ would enjoy it.

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The following are examples from recent posts:-

Trevor Wood wrote:- “Like many of us in these strange times I have been sorting stuff out and came across a photo I took when working for Mole Valley D.C. at Dorking in 1974. I worked on an SD Revopak with a bulk loader, and although we did a few bulk bins each day the majority of the work was hand loading through the side doors. The other Revopak was a hand loading round, but was bought with the idea that the bulk bin lifter could be swapped if needs be, although I never knew it to happen. The Pakamatic was a 2 door cab version with 38 cu yd body, we also had a 25 cu yd 2 door Fore & Aft tipper that had bulk bin lifting equipment too. The dustcarts were all new to the former Dorking U.D.C.”

Bill Forrest wrote:- “ I was out on dustcarts with my dad from the age of 4, and by the time I was 6 or 7 I was working the levers and buttons! I drove my first Dustcart at the ripe old age of 10 on the landfill. Most folks on the page probably wonder how a 50+ year old has memories of F&A tippers in use! I have many memories of tramping paper sacks down in the back of an upright F&A and back packing N type Revopaks whilst doing a forward/reverse shuffle with the rake to keep packing on that last street. I found your site very informative as I knew nothing of S&D's other products like the Forklifts or buses.”

Russ Alltree sent in this fine photo of a 'W' type Fore & Aft tipper with bulk bin collection ability in service. (NOG registration = Birmingham.)

The Garden City Collection.

Just before she was furloughed Aimee Flack let me know that over 130 of the photos that I’d donated to the Garden City Collection have now been catalogued and only need the scans of the photos adding. Currently if you search the collection under “Shelvoke & Drewry” 212 items appear. So when the Collection is able to open again we can expect a significant increase to that total. For the Garden City Collection go to:- Then search collections:- Shelvoke & Drewry.

Index to Kaleidoscope of Shelvoke & Drewry.

In trying to help Malcolm Bates with his task of creating a Kaleidoscope Mk II (see Page 5.) I sent him as copy of the Index I had created for the original book. This isn’t a fully comprehensive index  but it has been of great assistance to me when trying to find references from the book. I’ll send a copy to anyone who would like one.

What did you do in ‘Lock Down’?

Suddenly being 'locked down' at home I did  something I’d had at the back of my mind for a long time. I converted the yellow Oxford Diecast model  Freightlifter Model 100 on the left, to the standard Freightlifter on the right. For all the ingenuity of the SD Freightlifter Model 100 Dualdrive, I still think that the Freightlifter without a cab is the more satisfying design. That’s probably because I have fond memories of when in 1952 my father took me to the Mechanical Handling Exhibition at Olympia, where the new Freightlifter was on display. And I was allowed to ‘operate’ it.

For anyone thinking of trying this for themselves I can assure you that it's reasonably easy. The two cabs can be easily detached and the little pins securing the mast and tilt cylinder came out without any difficulty. Under the small cab, to my surprise, there is an almost complete wheel arch. So apart from painting and filing all that was needed was a little bit of filling, and making the hydraulics control box. [I think the factory fitted the tilt cylinder the wrong way round.] The photos were taken with the model inside a shoe box. So often I see photos of models with very distracting backgrounds.

Meanwhile in East Yorkshire Shaun Taylor was busy completing the model seen above. Shaun has converted an Oxford Diecast model Dennis fire appliance into a 'P' series Revopak. The models referred to here are to 1:76 scale (i.e. model railway OO). Shaun writes:- " Now I can say this is the only one in 00 gauge." Well done, Shaun, a great addition to your model railway.


The publication of this Newsletter is only possible through the generosity of the many people who share an interest in Shelvoke & Drewry.

For their contributions to this issue I have to thank:-

Malcolm Bates for his thoughts on the Lacre Motor Company on Page 1. And to Aimee Flack for permission to use the photo of the Lacre Works and also for information from the Garden City Collection on Page 6.

Mike Mullarkey sent in the brochure on which SD Freighters for Commercial Use is based on Page 2.

Christian Stage, Vic Beckwith and Malcolm Bates provided the information for Newsletter 3. referred to on Page 3. Jaap Mikkers and Eric Voytko provided information for the same page, as did Roger Morrisroe who also contributed to Page5.

Former apprentices, Mic Hursey and Trevor Upchurch shared memories that appear on Page 4.

Ian Read provided the fascinating information on Page 5, along with Michael Cooper, Gary Canham and Richard Wilson.

Via Facebook, Trevor Wood, Bill Forrest, Shaun Taylor and Russ Alltree’s contributions appear on this page.

To all these people I say a big THANK YOU. Your memories, Thoughts, news items etc. are always welcome and will be published as space allows. Brian Carpenter – Editor.

The Shelvoke & Drewry Enthusiasts' Club Newsletter is published four times a year on 1st March, 1st June, 1st September and 1st December. Items for inclusion may be e-mailed to me at: pinnerboy[at]

Next issue:- Autumn 2020 will be published on 1st September 2020.

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