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I thought this photo was very attractive. It shows London Fire Brigade’s SPV WY with a hydraulic platform Reg. No. GYW 665 W on Lambeth bridge on a sunny 22nd February 1982. It was posted on Facebook by Mark Kirk who wrote:- “It was part of a job lot of slides I brought on eBay with copyright. I thought it was too good not to share.”


Following on from announcements in the autumn issue the following tributes have been received.

Geoffrey Downing.

I have fond memories of both 'Bruvs’. I shall try to go to the funeral.

Kind regards, Malcolm Bates

Very sad news Brian . We are all getting older I am 70. As you said in your last email our ranks are fining. I last saw Jeffry just before Christmas at the local Morrisons when he said he had been invited to spend Xmas with, I believe, his niece. He was suffering with bad arthritis in his fingers and we helped him to pack his bags. I had been wondering why I had not seen him since, then mind you I only used to see two or three times a year. 

Regards David Potter

The newsletter brought back some memories too,  I remember the twins well, they were always very jovial.

When the factory was shutting down we were taken down to the Icknield Way works and told to skip everything, so I took my van down and crammed as much as possible in there, the twins thought it was hilarious that there was more in my van than the skip, and when I got back to Blackhorse Road everyone had heard all about it, thanks to the grapevine, Darren Ainsworth

Bert Kerr.
Just read the sad news that Bert Kerr has passed away. I was only thinking of him yesterday . He taught me to weld, just like so many others. He will be sadly missed. My thoughts go out to his family.  Regards David Phillipson

Richard Nash sent in this interesting photo of two Model 82 Freightlifters at Shannon Airport in Ireland unloading a Douglas C54A Skymaster (DC4) aircraft. Note:- one of the Freightlifters has the Aer Lingus logo.

Those were the days.
Former SD demonstration driver Barrie Woods has written about his schoolboy days and later when he was an avid train spotter. He says of the volume “It is not intended as an autobiography, or a case history of the last part of the British Railways steam era, but an attempt to combine the two.” For me it is a fascinating account of a way of life that no longer exists for young boys. I can supply details on how to obtain a copy and a special discount for readers of this Newsletter.

Details can be found by clicking HERE including how to obtain a copy and a special discount for readers of this Newsletter.


On 12th November I was delighted to welcome as the 300th member of the Facebook Group Douglas Warren.
Douglas worked for the Company for just over 40 years as a maintenance electrician, and was then made foreman for the maintenance department.

The Facebook Group continues to create a great deal of interest. If you have yet to look there, please do so. I think you'll enjoy it.



Some time ago, I can’t remember when, I suggested creating a virtual museum featuring preserved SD vehicles. I think I was a bit ahead of technology at the time. But now we have Kevin Farrington and Aled Jones producing videos which I imagine was on their mobile phones of the ex-Isle of Man Revopak which was ex-Oldham. I think it would be possible to produce a video showing a preserved vehicle from all angles and a demonstration of how it worked. This needs people with more technical knowhow that I have. But I’d love to either add these videos to this website or a separate website or perhaps simple links to Youtube. Will anyone take up this project?

There’s an interesting short video of a TY Pakamatic from Litchfield Council from 1966 which is complete with hand washing facility. Go to:-

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