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James Drewry.

In the year in which we celebrate the centenary of the founding of Shelvoke & Drewry Ltd., a valuable addition to the history of the company has been published under the title:- ‘From Bicycles to Dustcarts …. and lots more.’

Malcolm Easton, the grandson of James Drewry, has used his grandfather’s extensive archive and other material to write a comprehensive history of the life and achievements of James Drewry. All too often the contribution of James Drewry to the S&D Partnership is overshadowed by memories of Harry Shelvoke. This excellent book redresses the balance and gives an insight into the character and achievements of the co-founder of Shelvoke & Drewry.

Clearly James Drewry kept many documents relating to his career as a distinguished designer and engineer. Tony Drewry, who is Malcolm Easton’s, second cousin, has also researched the family history over many years and produced an extensive website with the assistance of Malcolm in his task. See:-

The book will be on sale at the event in June at Gaydon and in Letchworth in September. I suggest it is an essential addition for anyone wanting to understand the history of the company.

Brian. Editor.

The book is A5 format and 118 pages long and extensively illustrated. The purchase price is 8.00 plus 2.40 post & packing where appropriate. The Editor can supply a contact address.

Photo of James Drewry 1952 with his two grandsons. [Malcolm Easton on the right.] Tony Drewry photo.


John Oliver from Peterborough has kindly donated the SD radiator badge shown above. It is complete with the fastening bracket on the back. The SD lettering was highly polished when new to give the appearance of chromium plating. This form of badge was used on the ‘W’ type and also on the Freightlifter fork trucks.

The aluminium alloy casting was made in Letchworth by the Letchworth Casting Company whose foundry was in Birds Hill. The company was founded in 1917 and will have been a major supplier of non ferrous castings to Shelvoke & Drewry. A reminder that when companies such as S&D closed the effect was felt far beyond the actual company that closed.


I am pleased to be able to report that part of the Classic Refuse Trucks excellent Website has been restored to the Internet. Go to:-



The Shelvoke & Drewry Enthusiasts’ Club Facebook Group now has 640 members. To a large extent this figure is meaningless as only a small percentage of the membership post new items or comments. However those that do submit posts offer many insights into the company’s products and often give accounts of them in action. These posts contribute to the content of the Newsletters. Your Editor tries to post a regular intervals and the Group is a very useful addition to the Club’s activities.

The Group may be found at:-

Kevin Scott posted this photo on Facebook showing the ex-Folkestone Freighter as it was when received back at the works for complete restoration in the 1960’s. It is hoped that the restored Freighter will be on display both at Gaydon and at Letchworth as we celebrate the founding of Shelvoke & Drewry Ltd. One hundred years ago.


The publication of this Newsletter is only possible because of the continued interest shown by you, the readers. Sometimes it is simply that a photo gives me the opportunity to recall some of the history of Shelvoke & Drewry whilst others provide a complete article for publication. For this issue I am indebted to Gary Sugden for his second article. Other fascinating material has been provided by the photos from an album donated by the family of the late Tony Corbyn. Aled Rees, Terry Prince and Malcolm Easton have supplied news items. Thank you.

Please keep in contact so that the Newsletter can continue.

Brian Carpenter. Editor.

The Shelvoke & Drewry Enthusiasts’ Club Newsletter is published four times a year on 1st March, 1st June, 1st September and 1st December. Items for inclusion may be e-mailed to me at: pinnerboy[at]

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