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Anthony Saunders known as Jake.

We were sorry to learn that Jake Saunders died on 2nd September. Jake worked at S&D for 24 years, first under Jack Arnold in the Service Dept and then under Keith Dunham in Experimental,. He was known in the works as something of a joker. His widow Joan also worked as a voice of the Company for 14 years on the Switchboard. They both enjoyed their daily work, and joined us for SD remembered in 2004 and Joan sent me a lovely letter of thanks. Jake also leaves a daughter – Toni.

Kevin Scott.

In August we welcomed Kevin Scott the son -in-law of Bert Kerr into our Facebook Group, and he has generously posted to us no less than fifteen of Bert Kerr’s photos.

Bert Kerr with an SD Soapbox.

I believe Bert had a varied career at SD and this included being an apprentice trainer. Several former apprentices paid tribute to him. Ian Morrow wrote: “He was an excellent tutor for us in our first year. He persevered with everyone of us until we could weld to Lloyd’s standards. I have never had to do it since but I still refer back to what I learnt in my role now in construction. Top bloke with a real skill in teaching.”

Mike Nichols:- “I would never have got through the first year if it hadn't been for Bert.”

Martin Holden remembers him well, a duo with ‘Mr. Chapman’, always had a cheery attitude, - a tough one to maintain with some of the new apprentice skill sets!

Another of Bert Kerr’s photos is this of the Apprentice Training School. We are grateful to Kevin Scott for sharing these photos with us, and to those former SD apprentices who have expressed their appreciation of Bert Kerr.

Martin Holden

Martin Holden, a former SD apprentice, joined the Facebook Group on 27th August. He now lives in Auckland New Zealand and we welcome him to the Enthusiasts’ Club.


Aled Rees has discovered this photo about which we know very little. Can anyone help, please?

Barry Fletcher told us that the photo was taken outside the Letchworth Leisure Centre. Aled reports the Reg. No. of the PY as H 882 ETM denoting 1990/91 and Luton with a chassis number 20556. Must be very near the end of the Company.

Photo from Autumn Issue.

SD Apprenticeship Awards 1977/78 at the Broadway Hotel.

Bryan Hawley contacted me with the following information:-

Back row second from left is Gary Dockerill, and last on the left is Chris Phillips (brother of Paul Phillips, a previous Apprentice of the Year, and son of John Phillips who headed the Technical Publications Department for many years).

Middle row, 3rd from left, Martin Roberts, 4th Adrian Baker and last in the row is Roy Dietrich.

And, of course, I'm the one in the middle with the silverware. I still have the tankard but I often wonder what became of the actual cup, I hope someone is looking after it.

Thank you Bryan.



Bill Aldridge kindly informed me of a fshort film in the North West Film Archive of the Refuse Disposal Plant for Separation, Incineration and Salvage of Household Refuse at Water Street Depot Manchester. The short film is No.1549.

To My Readers:-

My best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Brian - Editor.


The publication of this Newsletter is only possible because of the interest shown by you, the readers. Sometimes it is simply that a photo gives me the opportunity to recall some of the history of Shelvoke & Drewry whilst others provide a complete article for publication. For this issue I am indebted to Keith Rogers and Barrie Woods for full articles. Other fascinating material has been provided by Peter Johnston. Aled Rees keeps me informed on the progress of his restoration of his NY Revopak and about the sale of vehicles, and Kevin Scott shared photos from Bert Kerr. Thank you.

Please keep in contact so that the Newsletter can continue.

Brian Carpenter. Editor.

The Shelvoke & Drewry Enthusiasts’ Club Newsletter is published four times a year on 1st March, 1st June, 1st September and 1st December. Items for inclusion may be e-mailed to me at: pinnerboy[at]

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