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Tony Cauchi sent in this photo of a Defiant 22 fork lift truck which is still at work in Malta.

Last Issue’s Picture from Oldham Market.

Darren Fuller commented that after reading the article with the 1970s Revopak he would suggest the trade waste theory was incorrect, well based on his childhood experiences. The domestic rounds in the late 1970s and early 1980s were done with an open back Revopak bypassing shops and social clubs etc. leaving them for dedicated trade waste Revopak with the paladin bin lifter. It was only in the mid 1980s when Dennis trucks with the Phoenix bodies and bin lifters were introduced that every truck had a bin lift and the trade bins brought into the rounds.  The comment about the driver is true, he never left the cab, we had a driver and 4 crew on my council’s rounds. So 2 men on each side of the road going round the back of the houses to collect. Not like that now, is it?  On some days when the regular Revopak was in for service or repair the crew would get the spare truck, this had a bin lift and the 2 doors on the back as in the picture, the crew didn't like this as it restricted access to the back and the doors swung shut when the truck went round a corner, dodgy catch probably. No H&S in the late 1970s.

From Perth Australia.

Rose Earle has written to say that her partner, Maurice, has had their SD Freighter running. With serial number 53119 making it a 1925 Freighter the 119th built, this is believed to be the oldest surviving SD Freighter. Its restoration is now almost complete. Rose wrote: "I know it has been a while since I ladt wrote but I am back with good news. Maurie and Tony have got the old girl going, they actually moved her out of the shed only to get bogged on the slight incline coming out of the shed. Not to be beaten they reversed her back into the shed and drove her backwards and forwards in the shed, very comical to watch. We will be finishing her soon, I think I enquired about decals. She is painted Brunswick Green , what would you say would be a good decal style for that era?"

A Scene from Hong Kong.

William Bear posted this photo on Facebook of 1970’s Hong Kong with a TY Pakamatic in the City’s busy streets.

Sunshine in Crayford.

Tim Byrne sent in this delightful photo of employees of Crayford Urban District Council proudly standing in front of their SD Mk II Freighter with the skips they used for collecting and emptying the dustbins of the district.

It has all the appearances of a fine sunny day. No mechanical hoists to lift the wheelie bins for these men!

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