Page 1.   SD Enthusiasts' Club Newsletter  - Summer 2018.


Tony Amer

In the last issue I included a photo of Jack Hubbard being welcomed into the SD40 club that remarkable group of people who had been employed by S&D for over 40 years. On 23rd March I had a surprise telephone call from Tony Amer in Canada who joined S&D sixty years ago this year. Tony had recognised the person on the left of the photo as Ken Jenkins. He remembers that when he joined the Service Department in 1962 Ken was a travelling service representative. When the Servicer Department moved to Works Road in 1965/’66 Ken became foreman of the Body section with John Hill foreman for the mechanical section – engines, axles, gearboxes etc. Tony left the company in 1971 to move to Canada. He clearly has very fond memories of his years (1958-71) at S&D. He told me of seeing many parts of the country when called out to service a vehicle which in those years carried a three year extensive warranty. Tony is still in regular contact with Dave Bourne and Dave Mansell colleagues from years ago. It’s good to have another person named from that photo.

Tony also talked of memories of Reg Chamberlain who managed the Time Office. Tony recalled how on a Friday he would carry a tray of wage packets through the Machine Shop to pay the staff. “Nobody would dream of doing that today” he commented. Few people are paid in cash and safety concerns wouldn’t allow the risk of a robbery today.
Many of us will remember those weekly pay packets where you could check the amount without having to open the envelope.


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