Page 1.   SD Enthusiasts' Club Newsletter  - Winter 2018.


EXHIBITION at the EIKON Centre in Lisburn N.I.


This fine line up of preserved SD vehicles was seen at an exhibition held in Lisburn on 25th & 26th September to promote municipal vehicles and plant, waste handling equipment, water, fire prevention & equipment, health & safety, recycling and industrial cleaning. Local organiser was Peter Johnston of McCreath Taylor Ltd N.I.


 Thomas Moore reports that work has started on restoring the TN gully emptier seen above that was stored for many years in East London.

Aled Rees has written to say that he has registered his NY Revopak and tells us that the cab was originally blue.  He’s pleased to say, that several years after repatriating her from Malta and much correspondence with the DVLA our N type finally has her paperwork. We have managed to retain her original UK registration number too, GGV 547 N which was looking increasingly unlikely as we went through the process. Restoration may now commence. The DVLA are a nightmare, the good news is we only have to do it another 7 times! 

Aled has also purchased this PT chassis/cab that was sold at auction

Change of owner.

On 29th October I advertised on the Facebook Group that Michael Cooper’s PNL Revopak was for sale, and it was sold within 3 hours! Kevin Farrington took delivery on 9th November as shown in his photo above and the following day was already posting videos of the Revopak at work. This created a great deal of interest as many members of the group remember these vehicles from their childhood.

Tony Cauchi from Malta sent in four photos of SD’s still working doing odd jobs a few days a week. There are now very few SD’s still at work in Malta. Two of the photos are of ‘N’ series and two are ‘P’s like this PY Revopak. Thank you Tony


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