Page 1.   SD Enthusiasts' Club Newsletter Summer 2017.


The remarkable Rees brothers from Bristol have been busy rescuing some surviving SD’s that otherwise would have been scrapped. Aled and Matthew have purchased the TY shown above despite it being without a body or gearbox, confident that it can be restored and preserved.

Their “fleet” of SD’s now includes :- an early Freighter, a TZ chassis cab, an NY Revopak, a PY Revopak, a PY Maxipak, a Freightlifter Defiant forklift and two spare Revopak bodies one being a Bulk Loader, in addition to this TY. They have also accumulated a number of other makes which aren’t our concern here, but are now part of what will be an amazing collection of vehicles that few people regard as having any importance. We hope to keep bringing you news on how restoration is proceeding on the collection of vehicles.

The story of the NY Revopak’s return from Malta featured in the Summer 2016 issue of the SD Newsletter.

This photo shows the TZ chassis cab which was a former Gully emptier in service with Southend council. Photos by Aled Rees.


Eddie Kearney posted this rather sad photo on the Facebook Group: Bin Lorries and waste management vehicles recently. It shows the PY from the National Transport  Museum of Ireland loaded ready to be taken away to be scrapped. I’ve tried to get confirmation of this story, without success so far, but assume the museum has come to recognise that it doesn’t have the resources to restore this vehicle. So far as I am aware the museum still has an SD ‘W’ type with Chelsea type body requiring restoration. A pity it couldn’t be saved as the body is by Norba.


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