Page 4.   SD Enthusiasts' Club Newsletter - Summer 2017.

Back to the SD Service Depot.

When I visited the Garden City Collection last September I was shown a little model of the Folkestone SD Freighter that was restored to 1922 condition by SD apprentices. It was evident that the model had suffered some damage and was in need of some t.l.c.

I put the Collection in touch with Kevin Green from Barnsley who is a member of the National Association of Road Transport Modellers (NARTM) who I’d met several years ago at one of the Association’s meetings. Kevin readily agreed to undertake the necessary repair. So in March his home temporarily became an SD Service Depot.

Kevin reported that the front axle assembly, body front panel and top covers had come apart, with just a slight distortion of the chassis immediately behind the cab. I suspect that someone picked it up by the body, which then tipped and unbalanced the model, resulting in a fall. Repairs took about fifteen minutes, with just a tiny touch-up needed on the black paint where the front springs met the chassis.

He told me that the model was built from a SUPERSCALE 1/43 scale whitemetal kit, which is now obsolete. It had been very well finished using the transfer set supplied with the kit.

Aimee Flack, the Garden City Collection’s collections officer wrote: “Kevin has done a fantastic job on the model, thank you for putting us in touch with him.”

As in the old days SD ‘s Service Depot came up trumps.

Our thanks are due to Kevin for willingly offering his skills in this way.

Photo courtesy of the Garden City Collection.

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