Shelvoke & Drewry Refuse Collection Vehicle types.

THE ‘P’ TYPE 1978 – 1991.

For the replacement for the 'N' type S&D reverted to an all steel  cab manufactured in their own works.

1978 The ‘P’ type Revopak.

For the ‘P’ series the all steel tilt cab was designed by Ogle design of Letchworth and Dennis used a similar design also by Ogle. The cab components could be produced using  a press brake and tooling costs were around 10,000 compared to the millions required for a conventional pressed steel cab. [Kaleidoscope caption 151]
Photo supplied by Jaap Mikkers from the Netherlands.

1978 The ‘P’ type Intapak.

The Intapak design was carried over from the ‘N’ series to the ‘P’ series. The distinctive livery for demonstrator vehicles was introduced by  Malcolm Bates SD's Publicity Manager from 1969.

Photo from a sales brochure shows a PY Revopak leaving SD's Icknield Way works.

1978 The ‘P’ type Maxipak.

Unlike the Revopak, which was a continuous loader, the Maxipak was an intermittent loader. The mechanism was more complicated than the Revopak’s as it utilised a sweeper blade and a packer blade which were both hydraulically operated. The distinctive hopper is deeper than that of the Revopak and the support structure is evident as the hydraulic cylinders are inside the body so that side cover panels were not required. Technical details of the Maxipak can be found on the Technical Page.
Photo supplied by Roy Rowland.

1978 The ‘PN’ type Revopak.

The narrow bodied PN’s had a similar Ogle designed tilting cab.
The example shown is a 1982 PN Revopak ex-Isles of Scilly owned by Steve Jones from the Isle of Wight Reg No. SCY 786 X photographed at  the Southern Counties Historic Vehicles Preservation Trust's rally at Edenbridge, Kent, in June 2009

1983 Redesign of the body.

A squared off version of the body was introduced in 1983 and later an all steel body.
Shelvoke & Drewry was now owned by Krug International's Dempster Division hence the vehicles were given the title Shelvoke Dempster.

1983 The ‘P’ series RouteChief & RouteKing.

When Krug International bought S&D in 1983 the Dempster RouteChief and RouteKing became available on ‘P’ series chassis. The caption to the photo reads:- "Route Chief ready for demonstration. Tiverton 1986."
Photo supplied by Roy Rowland.

Chassis Type Definitions.

PN     11.5 tons GVW    

PNL   12.5 tons GVW    

PNL+ 13.5 tons GVW    

PY      16.0 tons GVW    

PT      22.0 tons GVW on three axles.

By 1980 when Kaleidoscope of Shelvoke & Drewry was published Shelvoke & Drewry had produced their 25,000th vehicle.

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