Page 1.   Shelvoke & Drewry Enthusiasts' Club Newsletter - Spring 2018.

SD Enthusiasts’ Club Facebook Group.

The Facebook Group has been running for two years now and numbers 266 members.

Of these 194 are from the U.K., 23 from Ireland, the location of 13 are unknown. 10 are from Hong Kong, with 9 living in Malta, 5 are from the U.S.A., 4 from Greece, 3 from Australia, 2 each from Germany and New Zealand, whilst just 0ne is from Sri Lanka. A truly international group of people who all share an interest in Shelvoke & Drewry.

I started the Facebook Group purely as an experiment to see how it worked out. Its success has come as a surprise. It has created a forum where I’ve been able to find answers to questions that arise within hours rather than the many weeks when I asked for help via this website. Photographs have become available in large quantities beyond my imagining. If you haven’t looked at the page please do so. There’ll be features you don’t like I’m sure, but if you’d join the group I’d be delighted and I’m sure that there are many readers of these pages who could make a significant improvement to the Group. I look forward to welcoming you as a member.

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The above photo was taken on 20th January in Malta where two Shelvoke P’s are loaded ready for the long journey to Bristol. The front vehicle is a Revopak with a Maxipak behind. The hoppers are to follow on a later load. They are the latest additions to the feet being collected by Aled Rees and his brother Matthew with the aim of creating a collection of restored refuse collection vehicles. Their fleet now numbers an impressive nineteen vehicles.
I was pleased to learn that these two arrived safely in Bristol.

Water Carrier.

Ross Pusey spotted this unusual T type water carrier for sale. Hopefully someone will purchase it for preservation.

STOP PRESS. 24.02.18 18.39. I've learned that Michael Cooper from Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland has purchased this vehicle. He has already restored three SD's the last being a PN Revopak. Can anyone tell him anything about this water carrier, please?


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