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Paul Southwell posted this photo on Facebook saying that this was the last S&D he drove. He believes it was the one of the last produced. “We had earlier ones in the fleet. I remember the owner saying this new version has wind down windows!”

This PT for Metro Waste has the registration number H 845 DGS and the picture below supplied to me by the late John Carter, a Paint Shop Foreman, shows one of the earlier G registration PT’s.

Either this vehicle or an identical second one was written off after just 8 weeks service when it overturned in Salford. The shortest ever life for an SD?

From ‘Down-under.’

The December issue of 'Museum Musings' the Newsletter of the Motor Museum of Western Australia features their new display of the restored 1925 SD Freighter. It includes a photo of the vehicle as it is now, and when purchased by Maurice McGregor.

We reported on this restoration in our Winter 2017 issue.

When was that SD made?

I spent quite a few hours in January creating a new section on the website entitled ‘Vehicle Types’. Most of the memories of D vehicles remain only in the form of photographs which only rarely come with captions. With the growth of the Facebook Group it has become necessary to try to give details about these photos. With the help of the Group from Facebook I have put together a guide on how to arrive at a description for a photo. I’m sure there’s a lot that could or should be added, and I’d welcome any comments. You’ll find the guide at Vehicle Types. You'll find the page here:-  Types.html

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