Page 4.   Shelvoke & Drewry Enthusiasts' Club Newsletter - Spring 2019.


Paul Warnock sent in this photo of an SD WY Turn table ladder YVN 67 Y that was based at Harrogate fire station with North Yorkshire fire and rescue. The ladders were transferred from an  AEC appliance and fitted to the SD cab and chassis. On seeing this photo Ronnie Farrington wrote:- “I remember that a turntable ladder came to Manchester S D depot. I think gear box problems were discovered on a pre delivery inspection.”


On 3rd January Gary Ravensclaw Canham posted:- "I will have to sell my appliance, as having a change of direction in life. Not in a rush but if anyone is interested, please contact me. I want it to go to someone who will not scrap it for parts, as is my fear if it goes on eBay. Registration number. RAB 498P." This 1976 SPV fire appliance is thought to be the only surviving one of this type.

The Friendliest Facebook Group?

On 3rd January I posted:- “Harry Wright has written: "This is definitely the friendliest of the groups to which I belong." Just for fun I created a poll of our members asking :- "Do you agree with Harry?" I can’t say that I had an overwhelming endorsement of the friendliness of this group, but eleven members of the Group kindly agreed with Harry’s remark and four others agreed that the Group is in the top three.

Our membership now stands at 191 due to the fact that 23 members were deleted when Facebook advised that they had never visited the page, all of these were joined very early in the life of the group. The Group has now been in existence for three years and I now receive far more communications through Facebook than by email.
A Surviving PT.

Aled Rees has sent in further details of the PN chassis/cab shown above that he bought at auction at the end of last year. It was first registered on 27th March 1991 with the Reg. No. H 680 BHS  which is a Glasgow registration number.

A Very Unusual SPV Product.

Philip Clifford posted two photos recently which were taken at the Institute of Waste Management Conference at Torbay in the 1990's. They showed the recycling vehicle created from the SPV aircraft loader. Does anyone know what happened to this vehicle e.g. was it sold or simply scrapped when SD ceased production?

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