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Richard Dallimore, the proprietor of N’Tastic Scale Models, has announced that he has added the ’W’ type Fore & Aft Tipper to his range of 3D printed resin models in N gauge ( 1/148). The model comes unpainted and in five sections. Richard has also told me that he intends to add other SD vehicles to this range.

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Oxford Diecast have announced that work is underway to produce diecast models in OO scale (1:76) of the Dennis Eagle Olympus Refuse Collection Vehicle. This will only be the second refuse collection vehicle in their extensive range of model cars and commercial vehicles.


In writing about the proposed new model “Taff” reflected on the changes that have come about since Oxford Diecast produce their models of the ‘W’ type Fore & Aft tipper. This created problems as no examples were in existence but a body was found in a breaker’s yard and it took two days to measure the body, which I imagine including fighting with the brambles. The only vehicle available was a cesspool emptier which only had the single cab, but Oxford realise that it wasn’t difficult to create a crew cab from the dimensions of the single cab. At one point the company almost decided the project was too difficult and should be abandoned. Thank goodness it wasn’t!

The Oxford Diecast Model of the ‘W’ type Fore & Aft tipper in West Lothian livery.

In 2023 a scanner is available to them which can measure all the dimensions of a vehicle and they have an existing Dennis Eagle Olympus body that they have scanned. How things have changed over fifteen years.

Taff notes that Oxford Diecast were highly amused when they receive a phone call from Peter Johnston asking if he could let him have  the dimension of a ‘W’ type Fore & Aft tipper as he was restoring one.

Peter Johnston’s restored 1959 ‘W’ type Fore & Aft tipper Reg. No. 2217 IJ

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