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Kevin Green sent in this photo of his maternal grandparents on an SD Freighter toastrack bus at Blackpool. Emma-Jane and Arthur Jaggar are the hatted lady and gentleman standing towards the centre of the car. The outing was probably from Cumberworth (between Barnsley and Huddersfield)  Workingmen's Club or Darton (near Barnsley) United Methodist Chapel. The Freighter bus was one of four that operated in Blackpool from 1926 until 1932. Unusually the bodywork was also produced by S&D.  The buses operated in St. Helier, Jersey, until the outbreak of World War Two.

The Freighter in the photo carries the fleet number 35 and Kevin and I were intrigued by the number 163 appearing towards the rear of the photo. Study of some other photos from Blackpool reveals similar numbers on other photos. Our conclusion is that the photographer added this number so that a reference was maintained when the photos were offered for sale to the groups pictured in the posed photos.

Facebook Group new members.


We were pleased to welcome Paul Swanton whose father, Derek Swanton  worked for S&D for many years, his younger brother, Glenn, also worked at the Company for a short while. On page 4 words from Steve Swain, a demonstrator driver, who has joined the Facebook Group are recorded.



The photo above sent in by Shaun Taylor is of an SD Freighter as a bus on Belfast’s service to the Zoo. Numbered 6 and with the Reg, No. AZ 5450. Bill Headley is asking our help in trying to discover whether a second Freighter numbered 8 ever existed. There are several photos of the vehicle shown here but none on No. 8. I told Bill that sadly all records of  SD chassis numbers etc. were disposed of when the Company closed. If anyone knows of a second Belfast bus please let me know.


Mr. J.S. Drewry, M.I.A.E., who was the founder of Shelvoke & Drewry Ltd., and had held the position of joint managing director of that concern for the past 14 years, resigned his position a few months ago. He has recently joined Hands (Letchworth), Ltd., as joint managing director with MR. H. HANDS. Mr. Drewry has now completed the production plans for the Hands semi-trailer, the extensions to the Letchworth works are finished, and a steady output is anticipated.

This undated newspaper cutting will date from a 1936 Letchworth local paper, which I think was ‘The Citizen.’ It reads to me as though James Drewry was saying:- “I’m o.k. again and determined to prove I’m still a capable engineer and managing director.” Subsequently I found out that the newspaper cutting appears on Tony Drewry's excellent website

For those who don’t know Letchworth – Hands Trailers factory was directly opposite S&D in Icknield Way.

I thought this was a good photograph.This Cobridge sweeper was new to Dublin Corporation in 1989 and was taken a little afterwards.

Photo:- Courtesy of Michael Corcoran, Dublin Corporation Dublin City Council, posted by Phil Tallant.

And finally this delightful photo was sent in by Tommy Moore of McCreath Taylor's flat bed Freighter 'out and about'.

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