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At the time of writing it seems to me that it’s impossible to predict how far the present restrictions on all our lives will have been lifted by the Summer of 2022. So for the time being I would ask you to reserve  the weekend of 11th & 12th June 2022 for the Grand Display of preserved SD Vehicles at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon.

 I’m hoping that the celebration in Letchworth Garden City will take place in September 2022 but feel unable to give any more definite information at this time. But I strongly feel that SD’s formation should be marked in its home town.


Photo of the model of the Welfreighter. 

Tom Colville’s account of the Welfreighter submersible was particularly picked out for praise from readers of the Winter 2020 Newsletter. Thanks again Tom!


It has been suggested to me that Cecil Saunders Ltd. Coach Builders of Works Road, Letchworth, carried out the building  of some bodies for Shelvoke & Drewry. Has any reader of the Newsletter heard of this suggestion?



David Redd wrote on Facebook on 21.12.20 The Hitchin Historical Society, has recently published a book, Hitchin Glimpses Of The Past edited by Simon Walker. On page 33 there is a photograph of Hitchin's first motorised S&D  Freighter registration number UR 2128 .On the front is:- “Hitchin Urban District Council”. On the side is:- “Burn More Refuse And Reduce Your Rates”.


Four photos have come in which will be of interest to former SD employees. The first was sent in by Mick Thrush and shows the apprentices in 1966 who says it was the first year we had a training school  ( EITB off job ) which was a move away from departmental apprenticeship training. Whilst Mick was still an apprentice he was placed in the school as assistant  to Doug Sparrow for 18months.

The photo included four Norba apprentices who were attached to the SD Training School. The names Mick remembers are:-
Back Row:- Roger Bellows, Spencer Drewit, (? Norba )
Middle Row: - Beverly Collins, Peter Williams,  (The next two ? Norba )
Front Row:- Peter Morley, Mick Thrush, Doug Sparrow, Geoff Gower, Phillip Harris (? Norba)

Shelvoke & Drewry teams competed in the Inter Works contests for much of the company’s history. This is a report of the Annual Dinner of the Sports Club in May 1929.

Hertfordshire Pictorial Tuesday 14th May 1929.

Three Trophies Won This Season

  The annual dinner of Shelvoke & Drewry’s Sports Club was held at the Icknield Hall, Letchworth, on Saturday evening. Mr. P.J. Tomkins, works manager, presided, and among the visitors were Messrs. O.A. Day, and W. Parsons, Chairman and secretary respectively of North Herts Football Association, Messrs A.R. Try, W.C. Walton, and W.L. Overton, Chairman, vice-Chairman, and secretary of the Inter-Works Sports League.

  A welcome was extended to the visitors by the Chairman, and in reply, Mr. Try congratulated the club on entering as many as eleven competitions, winning three trophies outright and being runners-up in several others.

The cup for the championship of Division 1. of North Herts League was presented by Mr. Day, and Letchworth Hospital Cup and the Inter-Works Relay Race Cup were also on view.
The annual business meeting followed, Mr. C Freeman, presiding. The secretary, Mr. S.W. Reid, announced the following election of officials :- President : Mr. H. Shelvoke;
vice-Presidents ; Messrs. J.S. Drewry, W.B. Finnan, G. Rackham, C.J. Smithson, T.K. Sibbald, T.G. Rooker, E.A. Hart, and P.J. Tomkins;
Chairman : Mr. Freeman;
Hon. secretary : Mr. S.W. Reid;
Assistant hon. secretary : Mr. G. Croft;
Hon treasurer : Mr. F.J. Bale;
General Committee : Messrs. Dollimore, Hall, James, Atkins, Chapman, Stratton, Morgan, Brothers, Croft, Parnwell, Dunne, Armour;
Entertainments Committee : Messrs. Doherty, McLeod, Tomkins, Dillimore, Morgan, Canteen, Tomkins, Hall Parnwell, Dollimore, and Morgan. [This list looks a bit confused.]

  An entertainment was given by the Misses Mona, Tingey, and Allen, Mrs. Deacon, Messrs. B. Daft, J. Kirkland, and Hukin, with Mr. Pitkin at the piano.

1962 Inter Works Five a Side Winners.

Les Tiplady sent in the next two photos. Front row L to R :- Les Tiplady, Robin Flowers, Colvin Cooper. Back row L to R Bill Davies and his brother Terry.

1963 Inter Works Football Cup Winners.

Names, please?
1977 Inter Works SportsTeam.

Alan Brosnan sent in this photo. He wrote:- “I cannot remember all the names but that's Graham French and Ken Jordan top row left with Linda Snowdon and Me (Alan Brosnan) sitting down on the left with the Trophy. Maybe your readers can supply more names?”

The production of this Newsletter would not be possible without the many communications that I receive from you the readers. For this issue I give special thanks to Roger Morrisroe, Barrie Woods, Mick Waldock and Mike Mullarkey for the articles on previous pages. Also we have to thank Alan Brosnan., Les Tiplady and Mick Thrush for the photos shown above. Please keep sending in your photos, comments and memories to allow this Newsletter to continue. Brian - Editor.

The Shelvoke & Drewry Enthusiasts' Club Newsletter is published four times a year on 1st March, 1st June, 1st September and 1st December. Items for inclusion may be e-mailed to me at: pinnerboy[at]

Next issue:- Summer 2021 will be published on 1st June 2021.

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