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In July Bob Dowling posted in our Facebook Group:- “I've come across this PY Route Chief in Kilkenny, Ireland and I’m In the process of trying to buy it. It's from 1987, is ex council and it’s complete except it’s missing the hydrologic pump on the front.

Your Editor believes this is the only surviving RouteChief apart from possibly in Malta.

Campbell Spence posted this photo in our Facebook Group of a rather sad looking ‘W’ type tanker at Reading. But we were pleased to learn that it was to be moved – hopefully for restoration. Enquired revealed that it is 701 DUR a 1958 Cesspool Emptier which we had the opportunity to see when in far better condition at SD events in 2004 & 2005.

This part restored 1975 TN Gully Emptier was sold at auction for 1,900.00 on 7th August  by Edward Buckland Ltd., from Helston in Cornwall.

Ryan McFarlane posted this photo of a 1972  Defiant fork truck still earning its keep in a boat yard.

Tommy Moore sent in these two photos of the 1971 TN Gully Emptier Reg. No. KLK 464 K under restoration in Northern Ireland. It’s good to see all the progress that has been made.

Those nifty little PNL Revopaks.

In May Paul Hobday, who was a Regional Sales Manager at Dennis Bros., posted on our Facebook Group :- “In 1989 I'd just started as Regional Sales Manager for Dennis, and I called into Kerrier council in Cornwall. The transport manager shook hands and said : "come with me" and we went out into the yard and got into a PNL. He started it up and on full lock turned around in a very small space and said : "come back when your vehicle can do that". Hmmm. I knew I was never going to sell to him, but luckily he retired not too long afterwards!”

SD 100 – 2022

A reminder – should you need it - that next year will be the centenary of the foundation of Shelvoke & Drewry Ltd. Plans are in hand for the two events to be held:-

Plans are advancing for an Exhibition to be held in Letchworth in the Autumn of 2022. The dates were fixed at a virtual meeting on the Internet wit the Museum authorities and are shown below.

The Museum envisages that volunteers will be most welcome both in preparing the exhibits and during the two months of the exhibition. Please let me know if you think you can help.


As usual this Newsletter has only been made possible by the generosity of my readers in sending in news and information. I am especially grateful to Keith Rogers and Barrie Woods for their memories of working at SD. Also a big ‘Thankyou’ to those who have posted in our Facebook Group and who have sent in photos. It’s such a pleasure to be your Editor. Brian

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