Page 6.   Shelvoke & Drewry Enthusiasts' Club Newsletter - Spring 2017.


During recent weeks some fascinating  photos have been posted on the Enthusiasts’ Club Facebook page. I particularly liked the one shown above of a ‘T’ type Pakamatic in service with the Borough of Hendon in the 1960’s. Colour photos from this time are rare. Darren Perry sent in the picture and commented that it towed a trailer for collecting waste paper.

Shaun Taylor posted the above photo from Steve Jones’ collection taken during the filming for Channel 4’s Salvage Squad programme where the ex-Isles of Scilly PN Revopak was restored. The broadcasting of the programme, 14 years ago, in January 2003 gave priceless publicity in getting the Enthusiasts’ Club known to a wider audience. This picture on a landfill site shows the completed restoration of the 1982 PN Revopak Reg. No. SCY 786 X with the film crew watching on as the Revopak's load is discharged.

Then Terry Prince posted this delightful picture of his preserved Ex-London Fire Brigade  WX Pump Ladder Reg. No. YHV 187 T  making some couple's special day extra special.

Phil Tallant posted this photo of a 1969/70 TN registered in Northamptonshire.  There is no information about the location of the vehicle, but it appears that the body roof has been removed and it is suggested that it was used on a farm for collecting grain as it travelled alongside a combine harvester. An unusual second life for a RCV.

My thanks to these four contributors for these fine photos.

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