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Jack Hubbard

Samantha Hubbard has posted some more photos of her grandfather, Jack Hubbard, who was SD’s Chief Demonstrator driver. I believe that this picture is of Jack
being presented with his ‘40’ tie to mark 40 years service at S&D. Jack is at the centre of the photo, with Stan Quin on his right and Morris Davenport on his left. I don’t know who the other two gentlemen are.

Accidents will happen.

In January Trevor Upchurch posted for us:-

“As a young engineer starting at S&D, after finishing my apprenticeship I can remember moving a Revopak body down the workshop in the service shop on the over head cranes when a mighty bang occurred, the other crane had smashed the windscreen on a new vehicle. I then heard a huge sigh from Jack Arnold the service manager who just said: "I think you've broken that Trevor." No rollicking -  he just carried on walking.”

Roland Taylor’s reply to that was:- “Not changed much then Trev.”

My own response was:- “Jack Arnold was highly respected as SD's Service Manager. My memories of the Company are of very pragmatic skilled engineers. Mishaps will happen, it's how we overcome them is what matters was the attitude. I remember Arthur Chapman, the Machine Shop Superintendent saying to me:- "There's more than one way of skinning the cat" when a job I was doing on the centre lathe went wrong.” I also remember in my early days as an apprentice in the Inspection Department when I took a faulty piece to Frank Nason, the Chief Inspector, and he said “Lets go and see what it does.” These was no sense in scrapping off a component if it would do the job it was designed to do.

Here is a photo supplied by Kim Syder, Jack Arnold’s daughter of some of the Service Dept.

In this photo supplied by Kim Syder, Jack's daughter, Jack Arnold is on the right in the front row. A 1925 Freighter supplied to W.H. Allen of Bedford has been returned to Letchworth.

What Might Have Been.


Roland Taylor posted this picture of two Marshalls refuse collection vehicles outside the FAUN factory, in Llangefni, Anglesey. in 1999 which he believes were destined for Chelmsford. I understand that when S&D closed some employees moved to Marshalls in Cambridge, so we might have had an SD low entry cab like these.

From 1965.

On 23.7.65 the local newspaper reported a 69,000 order for Hong Kong for 'T' type Pakamatic refuse collection vehicles.

On17.12.65 'The Pictorial' reported a 200,000 order for Defiant fork lift trucks for Libya. SD's Managing Director, Morris Davenport said:- " It is a useful addition to a volume of orders already in excess of the total in hand at this time last year. We shall stride into 1966 with every confidence that we shall be working to maximum capacity throughout the year. In fact we are gravely apprehensive regarding the extreme shortage of work people prevailing in this district."

The big Libya contact followed a 30,000 order for fork lift trucks just completed to Nigeria.

Those were the days - Brian.

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