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Audrey Rayment Accounts 1971 to 1981.

I have sad news as another friend and colleague has passed away, namely Audrey Rayment who was Cashier in the Accounts Dept.  Audrey and her husband were great travellers visiting Papua New Guinea, the Galapagos Islands, India , Sri Lanka and many other places that were then not on the tourist trail.
It was lovely that Pam and Terry Street, Mary and Bill Parkins, her friends and colleagues from the Accounts Dept. were able to come to Royston for her funeral.

Kind regards,

Val Withey  6th December 2018.

This picture by Bill Smith shows the Accounts Department in 1969.


Oxford Diecast have announced that they have two further models of the SD Model 100 Dualdrive Freightlifter in their development programme. These consist of a British Railways Western Region in ‘N’ scale and a British Road Services in OO scale.

Bill Stiles from the Amberley Museum reports that their replica Tramocar is being converted to electric starting. Into the 21st Century!

Twelve months ago Tony Cauchi sent in this photo from Malta of a NY Revopak one of very few SD’s still operating in Malta. He says this one is used for collecting cardboard.

THANKS. My thanks to all my readers for their continuing support and especially those whose contributions are featured here. Brian – Editor.

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