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By Mick Waldock.

By my calculations there are ten Shelvoke ‘P’ types lined up in the above photo. The one nearest to the camera has a sign which reads:- “Please Help Keep St. Lucia Clean & Beautiful.” But more strangely both the door and the cab front bear the name:- “ Marshall SPV”. When Mick Waldock sent in the photo he explained:-
“This photo is of the fleet of vehicles sent to St Lucia at the end of 1991 for hand over on 31st January 1992.They are all lined up ready to be presented to the St. Lucia Minister of Community Development and Social Affairs. The Presentation was also attended by Mr Michael Marshall, Managing Director of Marshall’s Cambridge, and his wife.”
As Shelvoke was nearing its sad end Marshalls had gained an order to supply a fleet of refurbished vehicles which included ten Shelvoke vehicles. The Eastern Caribbean island of St. Lucia had a population of 181,889 in 2018 and this 1991 order was to update their refuse collection facility. For several Shevoke employees this Marshall order came at a very useful time as the vehicles were re-furbished from September to December 1991 just as they were made redundant. Les Spencer sent in this photo in July 2007.

I believe that the photo shows:- L to R Peter Whyatt, Bill Nesbitt, John Roden and Les Spencer.

Les Spencer had been the manager of SD’s Manchester Service Depot and in 1989 had completed 21 years with the company.
Mick sent two further photos from December 1992. He wrote:- “Some of the vehicles did not fair to well in service due to the fact that, from memory, only four had manual Gear Boxes whilst the rest were Automatics which did not suit the climate and terrain. The ones with automatic gear boxes were scrapped and used as spares.”

Mick also remembers that the sweeper sent did not like the sea journey and the donkey engine failed to start and a new engine had to be sent over and fitted, but it worked perfectly afterwards, as did the Skip lorries and Tipper truck also supplied to them at the same time.

Mick Waldock August 2020
A fascinating story of an unusual part of the SD story.   Ed.

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