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SD Apprenticeship Awards 1977/78

In April Mark Stapely posted this photo on our Facebook page of the 1977/78 Apprentice Awards held at the Broadway Hotel, Letchworth, saying:-  “I am in the middle row 2nd from right. Does anyone else recognise themselves?”

Paul Basson recognised Andrew Phillips second row, second from the left, but that leaves a lot of missing names. Can you help, please?


Also on our Group Facebook page the Garden City Collection posted this picture in May.

The caption read:- Shelvoke & Drewry apprentices photographed with a car they were constructing, on this day, 17th May 1976.

The following comments were received:-

Allan Kearns:- Tony Chapman was the man on the right, Ian Morrow was apprentice below Melvin Welsh to Tony's left Andrew Phillips was bottom row left hand side. Please check date think it was 1977 or 78

Mary Buckingham Carter:-  My husband was in this race at Wardown Park Luton in the team from SKF Luton

Ian Morrow:- There am I. Middle row, far right. I remember this well. Including peddling around Wardown Park I relays for 24 hours. It’s 1978.

Mark Stapley :- There was Dave Chapman and Bert Kerr in the 1st year plus Keith Mullan and Doug Flint As well as Dave Porter in the 2nd, 3rd & 4th years

Graham Grummitt :-Andrew Philips far left

Martin Blatch :- back row is Keith Masters Dave Porter Mervin ? Tony Chapman.

Keith Rogers confirmed L to R in white coats :- Keith Masters and Dave Porter

Conclusion from the above :- Centre row :- On left Andrew Phillips, on right Ian Morrow.

Back Row L to R.  :- Keith Masters, Dave Porter, Melvin Walsh, Tony Chapman.

Date probably 1978.

Martin Blatch also sent in this photo of the soap box in action.

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