Four events were planned to celebrate the founding of S&D in 1922 this year:-

The first took place on Saturday June 11th & Sunday June 12th at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon, Warwickshire - A Display of Preserved SD Vehicles.


Saturday 3rd December in Belfast - A Road Run followed by a display in the Titanic Quarter.

Sunday 25th September at the Broadway Hotel, Letchworth Garden City - SD 100 A Celebration Event.

Monday 26th September until 30th November - An Exhibition at the Museum at One Garden City, Broadway, Letchworth.

The British Motor Museum, Gaydon, Warwickshire, Saturday June 11th & Sunday June 12th

Sadly circumstances were against the organisers of the SD Display at Gaydon this weekend which only attracted four SD vehicles. At least two vehicles suffered mechanical issues which prevented their attendance. In addition co-organiser, Peter Johnston, has recently suffered ill health and so none of his splendid collection of preserved SD’s were able to come over from Northern Ireland. We assure Peter that he is in our thoughts and we are hoping for a speedy resolution to his health problems. However the other co-organiser, Malcolm Bates, brought the Folkestone “1922” Freighter, along with the Freighter a Latil Traulier came on a low loader. This dates from 1936 and in all probability was one of those manufactured by S&D. Steve Jones travelled from the Isle of Wight with his carefully maintained PN Revopak whilst Chris and Terry Prince brought their immaculate WX ex-London Fire Brigade Pump Escape. In addition Dennis Eagle displayed a preserved refuse collector and a 1914 lorry. It wasn’t the large display the organisers had hoped to put on, but the smaller display illustrated something of the variety of products SD produced. Throughout the time the display created a great deal of interest with, naturally, the Freighter being a unique example of the James Drewry’s ingenious design. The photo gives the flavour, I think, of a very enjoyable weekend. My thanks to Peter Johnston and Malcolm Bates for organising this display to celebrate the centenary of the founding of S&D.

I have been advised of this event in Belfast on 3rd September and details will be available nearer the date. The photo shows the Titanic Museum located in the Belfast docks area.

Having taken soundings, we are pleased that there is considerable enthusiasm for another Enthusiasts’ Club event. This will be similar to the SD Remembered event of September 2004 and we think the additional features that we are planning will be attractive. Tickets priced at 20.00 per person will be on sale from 4th April.

Former SD Employees will no doubt regard the event as an opportunity to meet up with work colleagues, but we feel the event will be of a wider interest. A buffet supper will be provided and a licenced bar will be open throughout the event.

There will be a display of material from the SD Archive that has never previously been exhibited, including:

Please could you help us by informing any former SD employees with whom you have contact about this event.

This Exhibition is a combined project between the Museum at One Garden City and the SD Enthusiasts’ Club. A small Organising Committee have given invaluable assistance in planning the above two events.

Page revised 14th June 2022.



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